Made in England

Since the beginning, Gloverall has placed a premium on sourcing the finest fabrics and producing products within the United Kingdom.

After nearly 70 years, the brand is still going strong by sticking to its principles and delivering quality goods with a reliable service.


Heritage and craftsmanship have always been integral to the Gloverall brand

duffle coat made in england

Home to the original duffle coat, the foundations of the brand have been built on manufacturing quality British outerwear. This strong brand history, dating back to 1950, is something we are extremely proud of.


Designed with love

The formula for Gloverall’s enduring success has been relatively simple: sticking to classic designs with a superior quality and construction and avoiding from excessive experimentation that would stray too far from the identity of the brand.


Gloverall’s reputation in the industry has drawn attention from across the globe.

Purveyors of quality, we are constantly seeking a global, modern perspective whilst acknowledging, respecting and priding ourselves on our British heritage.

Since 1951

Manufactured with Care

Many of Gloverall’s skilled craftsmen learnt their trade in London and the city has been pivotal to the brand being able to keep its manufacturing processes within the UK and not lose any of its identity or prestige.

In many ways, Gloverall’s story is similar to plenty of other British brands who have been involved with London at some point in their history.

Whether through sourcing people and materials, or serving as inspiration, London has been key to the success of brands and boutiques alike.