Men's Peacoats

The men's peacoat has a noble and long history in fashion, starting well into the 1800s. Today, it is a style icon, with fashion houses around the world refashioning and reimagining the classic peacoat jacket season after season.

Men's Peacoats

The silhouette is enduring, flattering, and with a naval heritage that commands respect, you cannot go wrong with investing in any of our high-quality overcoat designs.

The mens navy peacoat dates back to the 1880s, and though its name and design actually has Dutch origins, it was only after the British adopted the peacoat design for their own use in military circles that the classic style became so prominent. This long overcoat has since been at the forefront of men’s fashion, giving every man who wears it a distinguished and dignified air that still to this day cannot be beaten.

Like its historical ancestor, our Gloverall men’s camel overcoat and all other peacoat men styles are fashioned from 100% wool. These fitted designs have all been crafted and assembled in the UK, ensuring top quality and durability to keep out the wet winter cold. Whether you are looking for a grey peacoat, mens blue peacoat, a mens green peacoat, or any other colour staple, we have it in stock and ready to go to a good home.

Switch the mens peacoat jacket up with a mens brown overcoat or a rain-proof alternative, and you can enjoy an updated version of a style classic. Whatever your style or wardrobe needs, you cannot go wrong with any of our high-quality and British-made pieces, where you get incredible value for your money.