Browse our latest range of menswear, featuring contemporary styles mixed with iconic British heritage and superior craftsmanship that are the hallmarks of the Gloverall brand. Our menswear collection features our iconic Monty Duffle and Chesterfield Coats as well as the Churchill Peacoat. Read more

Whatever your sense of style, our duffel coats for men will complement your day to day life and keep you warm. With a sleek, classic design these mens duffel coats will last season after season. Pair your new mens duffle coat with an Aran or wool jumper, and even the coldest of winter nights will be kept at bay.   

We cater for quality and longevity, with a focus on detail that is hard to beat. Invest today in a new duffle coat for men, a comfortable sweater, a well-made t-shirt, or any of our great accessories. Don’t let the cold get you down. Instead, embrace the season in total comfort. Quality goes a long way towards performance, and when you want to invest in mens duffle coats, then there is no better place to look. Enjoy superior English craftsmanship and wrap up in quality material like 100% Italian wool. With a modest price point, anyone can enjoy the warmth and style of our mens car coats and duffle coats alike. We have over 70 years of experience, and produce our garments with an eye for detail. Get one of our mens duffle coats UK designed and made, and you will have a great coat that will last you years. 

Invest in quality and enjoy superior performance, comfort, and design. Whatever your need, we have a coat that will not just suit you, but help you stay warm in the coldest of winters and continue to look sharp for work and play.

Mens Jack Jacket

Regular price $244 $122

Mens Summer Monty Duffle Coat

Regular price $321 $161

Mens James Car Coat

Regular price $250 $125

Walter Irish Linen Blazer

Regular price $289 $145

Harry Work Jacket

Regular price $191 $96

Musso Cord Harrington Jacket

Regular price $353 $177

Brooks Blazer

Regular price $358 $179

Henry Lightweight Bomber Jacket

Regular price $127 $64

Hawthorn Blazer

Regular price $353 $177

Jersey T-Shirt

Regular price $45 $27

Unisex Jersey Sweatshirt

Regular price $109 $66

Men's Mac Rain Coat

Regular price $417 $313

Mansell Car Coat

Regular price $384 $288

Moss Donkey Jacket

Regular price $127 $108

Morris Duffle Coat

Regular price $512 $384

Original Monty Duffle Coat

Regular price $577 $433

Mid Monty Duffle Coat

Regular price $481 $361

Churchill Peacoat

Regular price $512 $384

Portland Monty Duffle Coat

Regular price $481 $361

Bailey Wax Duffle Coat

Regular price $481 $361

Yarmouth Monty Duffle Coat

Regular price $481 $361

Mid Length Duffle Coat CT

Regular price $481 $361

Farina Car Coat

Regular price $481 $361

Chesterfield Overcoat

Regular price $512 $384

Whitby Deck Duffle Coat

Regular price $353 $265

Contemporary Peacoat

Regular price $481 $361

Mid Length Duffle Coat

Regular price $481 $361

Union Jack Mid Monty Duffle Coat

Regular price $545 $409

Collins Donkey Jacket

Regular price $353 $265

Donkey Jacket

Regular price $225 $169

Shorty Duffle Coat Detachable Hood

Regular price $512 $384

Classic Original Duffle Coat

Regular price $512 $384

Mens Aran Jumper

Regular price $180 $135

Mens Indigo Knit Jumper

Regular price $154 $108

Men's Ribbed Fisherman Jumper

Regular price $180 $135

Submariner Jumper

Regular price $180 $135

Gloverall X Sanders Tan Chukka Boot

Regular price $289 $202

Gloverall X Sanders Brogue Derby Boot

Regular price $455 $319

Gloverall X Sanders Wax Brogue Boot

Regular price $345 $242

Gloverall X Sanders Bruno Brogue

Regular price $404 $283

Gloverall X Sanders Holborn Chukka Boot

Regular price $276 $193

Fisherman Beanie Hat

Regular price $71 $53

Lambswool Scarf

Regular price $52 $39