Women's Duffle Coats

Gloverall duffle coats are renowned as a classic British design. Our heritage runs through our range, reflected in the Women’s Original Monty Duffle Coat, named after the iconic Field Marshal Montgomery. The women’s duffle coats are available in a range of fits and lengths. Read more

From the traditional styles, to the contemporary - our collections evolve, with new styles created from innovative premium fabrics such as the Dover Duffle Coat, made from a soft Italian wool blend or the Lucy Summer Duffle Coat in a lightweight showerproof cotton.

With a traditionally looser fit, duffle coats are easy to style with plenty of room to layer underneath. Available in a range of colours to complement your wardrobe – from a classic camel or navy through to vibrant reds and mustards for a statement piece.

Made in Britain from the finest fabrics, with a focus on craftsmanship and quality, for a winter coat that will keep you warm, season after season.

Women's Original Duffle Coat

Regular price $449 $337

Women's Original Monty Duffle Coat

Regular price $512 $384

Women's Mid Length Original Duffle Coat

Regular price $417 $313

Dover Womens Long Duffle Coat

Regular price $449 $337

Short Slim Fit Duffle Coat FC

Regular price $430 $322

Women's Slim Fit Duffle Coat

Regular price $455 $342

Whitby Deck Duffle Coat

Regular price $353 $265

Lucy Summer Duffle Coat

Regular price $321 $161