Women's Peacoats

Inspired by the traditional peacoat design, our collection of peacoats for women take the maritime classic to new heights. We have a range of styles available - short and long peacoats, flat or fitted waistlines, and both original navy colours or contemporary chequered patterns.
  • Womens Peacoat - Pea Coat LS6065SCW / NAVY / XS

    Womens Peacoat

    $326 $434

  • Gloverall Alex Peacoat LS6072TWH2 / CHARCOAL / XS

    Alex Peacoat

    $267 $534

  • Gloverall Lochcarron x Gloverall Mohair Peacoat LS6063MOH / NAVY/WHITE / XS

    Lochcarron x Gloverall Mohair Peacoat

    $384 $767

  • Gloverall Eva Long Peacoat LS6099TM / CAMEL / XS

    Eva Long Peacoat

    $251 $500

  • Gloverall Lochcarron X Gloverall Eva Long Peacoat

    Lochcarron X Gloverall Eva Long Peacoat

    $434 $867

Women's Peacoats

The wool peacoat is a fashion mainstay for women across the world, thanks to the flattering fit, combination of form and function, and versatility with the rest of your wardrobe.

We have a short-length woman’s peacoat that keeps close to vintage designs, as well as the stylish long peacoat featuring hidden buttons for a sleek overall profile. Whichever you choose, we’ve been careful to ensure the rich history of the nautical classic is retained, and all of our womens peacoat range is made in the UK to the highest quality. 

Check out our collaboration designs with Lochcarron - the Mohair peacoat and Eva long peacoat - which spice up the traditional design with rich chequered patterns for the adventurous among us.