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The Peacoat - Traditional Attire For The Modern Gentleman

Many people will be familiar with the distinctive peacoat. A perfect blend of class and comfort, the traditional peacoat was traditionally worn by those serving in the military or navy. The deep-rooted history of this classic style is still reflected in the modern peacoat.

Classed as durable outerwear that considers functionality to withstand wind, rain and poor weather conditions, the peacoat also offers the wearer a warm, comfortable addition to the modern gentleman’s wardrobe with a modernised fit that will stand the test of time.

A popular style, year in year out, this choice of coat is both stylish and cosy.

Pea Coat

In Keeping With Tradition

Classic features of a peacoat include a Melton wool blend, a double-breasted collar that gives the wearer high levels of protection from the elements as and when required, an Ulster collar, pockets, and buttons down the front of the coat.

The features of a pea coat will often stay true to its roots as, traditionally, the button fastenings will feature anchors, alluding to days of old when this style offered the wearer the best protection, allowing them to work on the ships in high winds and rain while remaining warm, and uninhibited in terms of movement.

There are slight amendments to the traditional design, including a more tailored fit for the modern man. These slight adjustments mean the stylish Churchill Peacoat today can be worn for various occasions; you won’t feel out of place wearing a pea coat to a job interview, nor to casual drinks with friends. A dressy aesthetic is added due to the iconic double-breasted collar, adding a touch of integrity and class to its laid-back style. This comfortable dual-purpose choice will see you set for the colder months, no matter what the occasion.

Black Peacoat

No Compromise on Quality

Traditionally, pea coats are made of a twill blend of Melton wool. Occasionally pea coats will consist of a 70% wool, 30% acrylic blend. Our men's peacoats are made in England and are crafted from 100% wool. Working with such a high-quality, heavy-duty material ensures our coats do not stray from the heritage of earlier versions that protected their wearers so well. Although the modern gentleman will most likely not be at sea battling high winds, this 100% blend offers its wearers complete protection from the elements, while being snug, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish.

Traditionally navy in colour, (as they were indeed worn by Navy officers!), you can stick with tradition with this classic colour, or opt for a grey or black wool blend, giving you options to work around your wardrobe. The Churchill Peacoat, for example, keeps things classy and simple with tailoring reminiscent of a traditional navy officer’s coat. A sharp silhouette and additional waist height pockets give this coat a sophisticated air, blending practicality and character.

Meanwhile, for those who are looking for a modern take on this enduring classic, we at Gloverall recommend the Contemporary Peacoat. With a more relaxed fit and a chunky collar, this coat is ideal for everyday wear, while the subtle glimpses to the design’s military and naval background mean this coat works for formal occasions, too.

The pea coat can complete any wardrobe or outfit, and with various takes on this classic coat, you are sure to find the style that works for you.