Gloverall x Pretty Green
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Gloverall x Pretty Green

This season, Gloverall has teamed up with Liam Gallagher’s iconic Pretty Green label to create a unique AW17 capsule collection with a distinctly British twist.

The coming together of these two classically inspired brands has culminated in a series of showpiece duffle coats, which will no doubt become collector’s items in the not too distant future.Combining the heritage and craftsmanship of the classic Gloverall duffle coat, with the innate style and ingenuity of

Combining the heritage and craftsmanship of the classic Gloverall duffle coat, with the innate style and ingenuity of Mr Liam Gallagher, this new capsule collection provides a new and unique take on this classic wardrobe staple.

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The Collection

Staying true to the identity of the brands, the collection centres around the classic Gloverall Monty Duffle coat as its focal point. There are two new styles, each in a different colourway.

Each of the coats has been manufactured in the original 900gsm Gloverall duffle fabric at the Gloverall factory in England.

The Pretty Green X Gloverall duffle coats have all been made using the brand’s original Monty pattern but with a slightly slimmed down silhouette for a more contemporary fit.

The first of these new styles feature a hand-stitched Union Jack flag sewn onto both the front and back body panels, adding a splash of colour and signifying the British heritage that has played such an important role in influencing both of these brands.

This first style is available in both a classic black and a more bold camel. On the black duffle coat variation, this flag has been garment dyed.

The second style is again cut slimmer but has no Union Jack attached. Instead, it features the Pretty Green AW17 ‘Black Label’ paisley design throughout as both the interior lining and hood facing.

This second duffle coat style is available in both black and a beautifully rich burgundy.

Made in England by Gloverall. Both of these Duffle Coats are made from a wool-blend cloth and provide exceptional warmth and comfort.

Fitted with a protective hood and throat tab as standard, they also feature traditional wooden toggles with a jute rope fastening and are either lined with exclusive ‘Black Label’ paisley print or feature a hand-stitched Union Jack flag.

pretty green gloverall duffle coat

About Pretty Green

Established in 2009 by former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, the Pretty Label has since spent each year going from strength to strength.

In broader terms, Pretty Green represents the coming together of music and fashion and the love that people share in coming together and celebrating their mutual heritage.

By combining slimmer cuts, classic prints and exquisite detailing, Pretty Green has managed to carve a niche for itself in the British fashion scene.

British street style and culture have been influencing fashion and music worldwide for over half a century, often being at the cutting edge.

Pretty Green carries on this tradition but with a tangible appreciation of the music and styles that have come to influence it over the decades.

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