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Best Men’s Winter Coats 2018

The clocks have gone back and the days are growing shorter, darker and colder. Winter is fast-approaching, and all we can do is wrap up warm and look stylish doing so.

As with every season, fashion adapts to the current climates and the relevant styles seen on the catwalks. This can all become overwhelming.

Gloverall has got you covered, though.

To aid your winter coat shopping, we’ve compiled the best men’s winter coats of 2018; all of which are guaranteed to keep you warm, comfortable and looking sophisticated.

The Duffle Coat

Men's Women's Duffle Coats

The old-faithful Duffle coat makes a glorious return year after year. Classic in its design but always effortlessly cool, the Duffle coat comes in a variety of materials, colours and lengths.

Considered a British favourite, the Duffle coat is traditional, hard-wearing, waterproof, and keeps you insulated from the harsh, British weather. Also, unlike usual men’s coats, a Duffle coat includes a hood in its design.

Avoid synthetic fibres as these reduce the quality of the coat.

When it comes to selecting your Duffle coat, ensure the coat fits snuggly. Over-sized and incorrectly fitted Duffle coats can drown a person, creating an unflattering silhouette. There is a wrong and a right way of wearing a Duffle coat, so be sure to find the correct balance.

You can choose from the Whitby Deck Duffle Coast for a shorter fit, created in our signature fabrics (a substantial wool) and available in a variety of earthy colours, such as the beautiful rust and camel.

Or, if you want a Duffle coat that’s exceptionally snug and unique, the Portland Monty Duffle Coat features branded trims, corozo buttons, and is fully lined in a cotton chambray.

The Donkey Jacket

Men's Blue Donkey Jacket

Effortlessly cool, the Donkey jacket is a medium length work jacket for men, and an iconic jacket throughout the United Kingdom. Traditionally, the Donkey jacket sports five large buttons down the front, is usually unlined and made from black or dark blue, thick Melton wool.

When first worn, the Donkey jacket featured leather pads on the shoulders to stop rain from seeping through. These patches originated in the 1800s when workers wore them in the Manchester ship canal, and the weather was frequently rainy.

Many modern Donkey jackets use PVC panels, whereas Gloverall’s beautifully crafted Collins Donkey Jacket uses dry wax cotton. The Collins Donkey Jacket is also crafted by highly skilled craftsmen in Britain, ensuring that the jacket’s finishes and materials used pay tribute to the original Donkey coat.

The Peacoat

Men's Grey Pea Coat

Originally worn by sailors of European and the American navies, peacoats and reefer jackets are a well-known men’s coat, characterized by its short length, double-breasted fronts, broad lapels and large, metal, plastic or wooden buttons.

Today, the peacoat is still considered a classic.

Peacoats are traditionally made from wool, specifically Melton wool, and because of its heavy-duty materials, offers protection from the elements. The peacoat can be worn casually as well as formally, with the fit of the peacoat offering a sophisticated silhouette.

For your peacoat to add further panache, stick to the customary colours of black or navy blue, much like our 100% English crafted Churchill Peacoat.

The Overcoat

An overcoat is a long coat that is intended to be worn over a person’s clothing. Traditionally, an overcoat is to be knee-length and tailored. You can buy an overcoat that is either single or double breasted, and usually, an overcoat features a single rear vent.

Men's Overcoat

Since the 18th century, the overcoat has been a key part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. It is a coat that looks elegant in design but also offers superb functionality. Today, we consider the overcoat a classic, with its versatility and classical style.

Our Chesterfield Overcoat provides extra warmth in the colder and crisper weather. It is tailored and can be smartened up with a tie or kept casual when worn with an everyday look.