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Back to School Shopping: What Kind of Kids Coat to Buy?

It’s almost that time of year again – back to school is right around the corner. While thinking about the kids going back to school in the middle of summer may seem like jumping the gun a little bit, it’s never too early to be thinking about what they will need in terms of supplies and clothing, especially since a lot of sales occur during the summer months. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that children outgrow their clothes rather quickly, as they are still growing. Whether they have hit their growth spurt and need an all-new wardrobe, or if a few staple items are now too small, back to school shopping is necessary. One staple item you should certainly consider is their autumn jacket. Finding the perfect coat doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavour, because the perfect coat is already right in front of you: the duffle coat

The duffle coat is an iconic European style of jacket, remaining as a classic and style must-have in fashion for decades. The timeless style is perfect for both formal and informal purposes and suits both boys and girls alike. For trendy and style-conscious children, the duffle coat is the way to go. 

Gloverall Boys Duffle Coats

Making sure it’s the right fit

When choosing the right size duffle coat for your child, you want to ensure two things: one, the jacket isn’t too large, and two, there is enough room to layer up underneath. The reason you want to ensure the coat fits snugly is that a snug fit means it will keep your child warm enough during the colder months. If it’s too large, cold air can creep in wherever there is space, like at the neckline, hemline, or the sleeves. The last thing you want is your little one to catch a cold because of an ill-fitting jacket. Our size guides are based around age groups from ages 2 to 16, but you might want to double check and measure just in case your child doesn’t fit into the exact measurements that are listed for their specific age group. 

Another tip to consider that is poorly fitting jackets don’t look good. A coat that’s too big can look silly, making a teenager feel like a child in their parent’s oversized jacket, or making a child look like they’re drowning in their coat. The urge may be to buy a few sizes up, so they grow into it, but in reality, a too-large jacket won’t do the trick, and choosing the proper size is crucial to the style and function of the coat. 

Gloverall Girls Duffle Coats

Choosing the right colour

When deciding on the colour, it’s important to take your child’s opinion into consideration, of course, but also consider what the jacket is going to be worn for. Is it a casual coat for school and play, or is it a formal jacket for evening outings and formal functions? If your child needs a jacket for everyday wear, why not let them be bold and choose a fun colour, like red, green, or royal blue? For more formal wear, the classic charcoal, black, tan, or grey are timeless options that can dress up any outfit. 

How to style it

When the weather gets colder, you and your child may want to layer up and add some warm accessories. The perfect additions to the duffle jacket are a tartan scarf, for contrast, and a newsboy cap or Donegal hat. Not only will they help keep your child warm, but they will also add an extra style element to their outfit, whether it’s formal or informal.