Men's Signature Classics

Timeless pieces that embody the spirit of our heritage, including the Original Monty Duffle Coat and Churchill Peacoat.

  • Moss Donkey Jacket - Donkey Jacket MS5177BM / SILVER / XS

    Moss Donkey Jacket


  • Mens Ribbed Fisherman Jumper - KNITWEAR MS5089 / NAVY / XS

    Men's Ribbed Fisherman Jumper


  • Submariner Jumper - KNITWEAR MS5087 / NAVY / XS

    Submariner Jumper


  • Mens Aran Jumper - KNITWEAR MS5090 / ECRU / XS

    Mens Aran Jumper


  • Gloverall Mid Length Duffle Coat MC3251EM-CMD / BURGUNDY / XS

    Mid Length Duffle Coat


  • Mid Length Duffle Coat CT - Duffle Coat MC3251CT-CMD / CAMEL BUCHANAN / XS

    Mid Length Duffle Coat


  • Mid Monty Duffle Coat - Duffle Coat MC357752-CMD / GREY / XS

    Mid Monty Duffle Coat


  • Contemporary Peacoat - Pea Coat MC3218EM-CPC / GREY / XS

    Contemporary Peacoat


  • Morris Duffle Coat - Duffle Coat MC3512CT-CLD / CAMEL BUCHANAN / XS

    Morris Duffle Coat


  • Shorty Duffle Coat Detachable Hood - Duffle Coat MC5000CT-CSD / NAVY/DRESSGORDON / XS

    Shorty Duffle Coat Detachable Hood


  • Churchill Peacoat - Pea Coat MC7690EM-CPC / NAVY / XS

    Churchill Peacoat


  • Gloverall Union Jack Mid Monty Duffle Coat MS500552-AMD / CAMEL / XS

    Union Jack Mid Monty Duffle Coat


  • Gloverall Original Monty Duffle Coat MC575052-CLD / CAMEL / XS

    Original Monty Duffle Coat


Men's Signature Classics Collection

There are some designs which have surpassed the test of time and have been introduced into the modern lexicon of classic fashion. Our Gloverall men signature range offers these designs for any fashion-forward professional hoping to look great and stay warm this winter. Wrap up in our Gloverall navy duffle coat, and enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship and materials that are designed to keep the cold at bay. Each Gloverall coat is made in England, and in many cases, its fibres are sourced right here at home.

We implement the best of technology to ensure superior design and the longevity of our products, from seamless knitting to reduce waste and improve the strength of our men's knits, to the attention to detail of our navy duffle and our classic mens coats.

We aim to produce the best winter coats for men, by providing only the most classic designs. We don’t skimp out on creation so that you can enjoy a superior item that will last you years, keep you warm, and of course, help you look timelessly smart no matter where you go. From the office to a date night, our products will suit every step of your busy life. We make it easy to choose us so that the only deliberation you need to make is whether to get the tan coat mens or any of our classic Goverall dufflecoat options. Once you have your hands on your order, you will see the proof of our attention to detail, and enjoy the comfort and feel of all of our signature garments.