Kids Duffle Coats

Browse our classic range of kids duffle coats designed for boys and girls. Contemporary styles mixed with iconic British heritage and superior craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the Gloverall brand.
    Childrens Original Duffle Coat (Age 10-13) - Duffle Coat C0913DC13 / RED / 10

    Children's Original Duffle Coat (Age 10-13)

    £104 £149

    Childrens Original Duffle Coat (Age 7-9) - Duffle Coat C0912DC79 / GREEN / 7

    Children's Original Duffle Coat (Age 7-9)

    £97 £139

    Childrens Original Duffle Coat (Age 14-16) - Duffle Coat C0913DC16 / NAVY / 14

    Children's Original Duffle Coat (Age 14-16)

    £132 £189

    Childrens Original Duffle Coat (Age 4-6) - Duffle Coat C0912DC46 / TAN / 4

    Children's Original Duffle Coat (Age 4-6)

    £90 £129

    Childrens Original Duffle Coat (Age 2-3) - Duffle Coat C0912DC23 / ROYAL / 2

    Children's Original Duffle Coat (Age 2-3)

    £83 £119

    Childrens Monty Duffle Coat (Age 13-14) - Duffle Coat

    Children's Monty Duffle Coat (Age 5-14)

    £126 £180

  • Boys Peacoat (Age 13-14) - Pea Coat CS2211SCW / NAVY / 13-14

    Boys Peacoat

    £161 £230

Kids Collection

A style that equally suits boys and girls, the duffle coat is the perfect choice to keep your kids warm this winter. A versatile choice that can be worn as a casual everyday coat - or dressed up for more formal occasions - our children’s duffle coats come in a range of styles and colours to suit any occasion. The looser fit means it can be layered over a jumper and finished with a scarf for a cosy autumn outfit.

Our kids duffle coats are perfect for school, and available in traditional school uniform colours of navy, black, grey and dark green. Duffle coats make ideal winter coats for kids, with the warm wool fabric protecting them from the cold.

Available from age 2 up to 16 years old, catering to the whole family from toddlers to teenagers. They feature all the traditional duffle coat details, including a fixed shoulder, pancake hood and the toggle fastenings which make them easier for small hands to fasten. Many of our kids coats are unisex, so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect duffle jacket for your child this season.