Gloverall meets Andrew Mashanov

We caught up with Moscow based Illustrator and Art Director Andrew Mashanov to talk about his work and love of menswear

Tell us a bit about your work?

My very first steps in illustration were made back in 2006, since then I’ve been trying various themes, techniques and styles, searching for my own path. Fashion illustration became my main focus as I’m quite into menswear myself. Still remember my mother’s testimony that at the age of four I could start a hysteria if my parents dressed me up in a "wrong shirt". The idea of garments as a way of resonation with the world, complimenting your personality, the way of sending your message into it - guess, that’s what really inspires me.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

That’s a tough one! I’m really into coats and parkas, love the way it can wrap you like a case and make you feel warm and safe, whatever the weather. Very stylish and practical. 

 When were you first aware of Gloverall?

I guess it was the same moment I discovered what the duffle coat is. Years and years ago.

What appealed to you about illustrating the Monty duffle coat?

There are garments in men’s wardrobes that were designed for a certain purpose, but after standing the test of time, they proved to be relevant till present day. And what is more interesting, they happen to be very versatile. Monty Duffle Coat is a great example of this sort of garment. Reliable, simple and stylish. A true harmony of form and function.

Which of the three Gloverall looks you’ve illustrated is most like your own style?

There’s a bit of each in my own style. It’s a small, but true pleasure to be dressed for the occasion ;-)


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