This season Gloverall have collaborated with classic Korean style brand Bastong to create a collection centred around craftsmanship, details, and a new take on fit. Bastong have taken the classic heritage of the duffle coat and come up with a more fashion-forward take on the original design.

The coming together of these two brands in collaboration is, in reality, quite natural: both Gloverall and Bastong are outerwear enthusiasts. Both brands place a premium on high quality and durable garments that will serve the wearer well as investment pieces for many years.

Since its inception, Bastong has focused on producing finely crafted fabrics and creating a superior fit. The primary objective has always been to become an outerwear specialist that makes simple garments with high quality materials and intricate detailing.

Taking the original ‘Monty’ design, Bastong have altered the balance and silhouette of the original coat, slimming it down for a more contemporary look.

The Collectionbastong-x-gloverall-duffle-coat-green

The pockets have also been adjusted in their position slightly as an additional way of forming a trimmer silhouette.

Despite having a more tailored fit, the designers at Bastong wanted to remodel the coat into something that could still be perfectly comfortable and practical.

The designers have also experimented with cloth, opting for Casentino wool, a traditional wool fabric that has been produced in the Casentino area of Tuscany since it was inhabited by the Etruscan tribes.


One of the defining features of the duffle coat is the toggle fastening, something that Bastong were eager to experiment with.

In their remodelling of the ‘Monty’, Bastong have doubled the size of the toggles, drawing influence from the duffle’s heritage as a traditional naval coat, and remodelling them to look like anchors.

Crafted primarily out of oak wood and coated in wax, the toggles are attached with 5mm rope to offset the oversized toggles.



About Bastong

Korean brand Bastong was established in 2011. The company started as a traditional style brand focusing on outerwear but have now expanded their collection to include a complete range of both clothing and accessories.

The Bastong motto is: “Good products with good care will last forever”, and they try to live by this.

All Bastong products are manufactured in Korea, to impeccably high standards. Like most luxury brands, they source most of their fabrics from the UK and Italy, with their details and hardware pieces such buttons and zippers all being imported from Japan.

With Bastong, it’s all about making the highest quality product possible, without compromising on fit, comfort or materials. The details on every single garment are painstakingly finished to the highest standard ensuring the brands unwavering reputation for craftsmanship.